24 Reasons UFOs, Abductions and Visits Are Fake

I’m often asked if I believe in UFOs. However, UFOs aren’t a matter of belief! It’s a matter of evidence and following that evidence to a conclusion. A much better question would be “How good is the evidence that UFOs are alien spaceships?”

We can’t go off shouting aliens every time we find or see something we don’t understand. We need proof, hard data and not anecdotal evidence. A study by the National Geographic Channel in 2012 found that 10% of Americans believe they’ve seen an alien spaceship.1 That’s 32 million Americans!

It’s weird when an adult believes in Santa Clause —which 50% of Americans do believe.2 However, it’s not weird when we believe in UFOs, visits and abductions.

Aliens may exist. But UFOs, visits, abductions and sightings are all fake. Here’s why.

24 Reasons Alien Abductions, UFO Sightings & Visits Are Fake:

  1. There are no peer-reviewed articles that prove that UFOs, abduction or visits happened. This is the most important point.
  2. Seeing disturbed soil and claiming it’s alien footprints isn’t good evidence because there are a million ways to disturb the soil.
  3. Photographs can be faked. On top of that, why don’t aliens ever stay still for anything more than a single photo?
  4. If visits and abduction reports are true, then aliens aren’t good at keeping their visits a secret. In that case, why are they still coming at night?
  5. When abductees are told to answer some hard questions by reporters and scientists such as “how did you get on board the spaceship?” Abductees sometimes claim that their memory of that was wiped. If that’s so, why aren’t the aliens erasing all their memories? Why do they only erase some?
  6. We hear of aliens trying to breed with humans.12 The logical question to ask is: “Why are aliens trying to breed with humans knowing full well the act won’t create offsprings due to the fact that our genes are completely different?
  7. On top of that, why go to all the trouble of repeated sexual encounters between aliens and humans? Why not instead steal a few egg and sperm cells, read the full genetic code, and then manufacture copious amounts of copies?
  8. We also hear that the human species is the result of an alien breeding program. How is that so if we share 99.6% of our active genes with chimpanzees? This would mean that chimps —and in fact all species— are the result of an alien breeding program too!
  9. We hear of invisible aliens visiting at night. Why would aliens go invisible and visit at night? If they are going invisible why must they also visit at night? Using invincibility during the day makes more sense but at night…?
  10. We hear that aliens, and sometimes of hostile aliens, visiting on a daily basis.7 If that’s so, why aren’t NASA and the Department of Defence jumping on this opportunity to ask for more funding? The Department of Defense, as we all know, thrives on enemies real or imagined.
  11. Abductees report seeing aliens in their childhood. But everywhere in the world children report similar stories, with fairies, elves, ghosts, monsters, goblins, witches, imps and a variety of imaginary friends. Are we to categorize two different groups of children, the ones that see imaginary earthly beings and the other that sees imaginary out-of-space beings? Isn’t it more reasonable that both groups are hallucinating? It makes good evolutionary sense for children to have fantasies of scary monsters. In a world stalked by lions and hyenas, such fantasies help prevent defenseless toddlers from wandering too far from their guardians.
  12. There are no reports of aliens in pre-modern times. In fact, before 1947 there were no flying saucers reports. The first reported flying saucer was made in 1947 by Kenneth Arnold.9  And, alien abduction reports started to become known after 1975 when the credulous television dramatization of the Hill case was aired.10 Why has alien and alien abduction only happened in the last 70 years when humans have been roaming the earth for 6 million+?
  13. If the Earth was visited hundreds or thousands of years ago by an advanced extraterrestrial civilization, why don’t we have any evidence?
  14. In 1645, Anne Jefferies was attacked by half a dozen little men, carried to a castle, seduced and returned home.11 She called them fairies. This sounds a lot like a per-modern alien abduction story. But beyond that, why don’t we hear about fairies, elves, demons, hobgoblins, werewolves, vampires, witches and angels anymore, but we hear about aliens? The reason is because all the others have been debunked! Before science fiction, people saw different things. As Thomas E. Bullard said, “Science may have evicted ghosts and witches from our beliefs but it just as quickly filled the vacancy with aliens having the same function.”
  15. In October 1957, Sputnik 1 was launched.4 Of the 1,178 recorded UFO sightings that year, 60%, occurred between October and December. However, one would expect only 25% occurring between October and December since those months make up 1/4 of the year. So, why was it 60%? The reason is because Sputnik was launched in October and its publicity somehow generated 35% more UFO reports than average.3
  16. Back in the day, abductees were given lectures on the dangers of nuclear war.5 Now, aliens are lecturing on the dangers of environmental degradation and AIDS.6
  17. By the way, the aliens speak English, of course.
  18. As the possibility of extraterrestrial life began to be widely popularized due to Percival Lowell’s Martian canals, people began to report contact with aliens, mainly Martians. After no compelling evidence —even for microbes— we heard little about visiting Martians. Aliens were then reported to come from elsewhere. After the surface of Venus was found to be hot enough to melt lead, there were no more visiting Venusians.6
  19. A majority of alien abduction resemble those on TV and they usually do the same kind of ‘experiments’. But in other countries, there are bird-headed, insect-headed, reptilian aliens.6 However, the creatures under a microscope outshine the most exotic description of aliens. Yet, we only see proto-human —bird, insect and reptilian-headed— aliens.
  20. No abductee has gotten his hands on a page of the captain’s log book or taken an authentic photograph of the ship.
  21. Why don’t the aliens give us verifiable information? Like the truth behind the Lincoln conspiracy. Why don’t they dictate Sophocles, Democritus or Aristorchus lost books? Or provide a short proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem or the Goldbach Conjecture?
  22. If Aliens are visiting, why aren’t the NASA satellites or the militaries of the world picking up UFOs? Why is it only amateurs with rudimentary instruments picking up these UFOs? If there are aliens, they will visit first by radio because it’s the fastest and cheapest means of travel.
  23. Alien abductions occur mainly when falling asleep or when waking up. These specific periods has demonstrated that we’re capable of falling into some autohypnotic reverie —which is a well-known danger. Whitley Strieber who said she saw an alien is now open to the possibility that these nighttime terrors were dreams or hallucination.6 On top of that, these “encounters” maybe the frightening experience of sleep paralysis.
  24. And the last reason, is it not funny how aliens abduct regular citizens but not presidents or scientists?

So, why do people conjure up these stories?

Three reasons:

  1. They are looking for fame.
  2. They want to satisfy their religious longings. In an age where religion is under fire by science, isn’t it natural to wrap up the gods and demons in scientific clothes and call them aliens?
  3. UFO stories thrive on the mistrust of the government. This arises because of all the government lies. On top of that, UFO conspiracy theorists receive in response to their Freedom Of Information Act requests dozens of pages almost all of it blacked out. They then deduce that the National Security Agency (NSA) possesses extensive information on UFOs and is part of a conspiracy of silence. But in fact, the NSA is protecting their information from their enemies.

In Conclusion

As stated in the introductory paragraphs, aliens may very well exist, but UFOs, abductions and visits show no empirical proof that they’ve happened.

I hope the 24 reasons help you apply critical thinking arguments next time someone tells you cow were found dead without any blood outside or inside their bodies, thus it must be aliens.

To your success,

Nikhil Mahadea


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