What Do We Assume When We Disagree With Someone?

1.They’re Ignorant: Since we believe we speak from facts, we conclude that those who disagree with us haven’t been exposed to the right information —that they’re ignorant. And, that if they would expose themselves to the facts it would bring them over to our side.

2.They’re Idiots: After we’ve tried to enlighten them and they still don’t agree with us, we assume they’re idiots. We’ve given them the facts but the still don’t understand. Thus, we assume they can’t comprehend them. We deny that they possess the same intellectual and moral faculties that we do.

3.They’re Evil: After even more convincing and they still don’t budge, we assume that those who disagree with us have consciously turned their backs against humanity. This can lead to violence. Why? Imagine what can happen when we assume that those who disagree with us are evil…All we hear on the radio, TV and the internet these days are hosts assuming that the other side is evil. They describe their opponents as immoral villains bent on the destruction of civilization.

Think of the accusation that those who disagree with us “don’t live in the real world.” What we really mean is that they don’t live in our model of the world, that they don’t share our vision of how things are. That by failing to see the world as we do, they’re undermining our reality and threatening its destruction.

In Conclusion

If we assume those who disagree with us are ignorant, idiots or evil, we’ll remain closed minded. And, we won’t confront the possibility that we may be wrong.

To your success,
Nikhil Mahadea