Americanism: A New Era

The U.S. has turned into a war-mongering authoritarian state. When Special Forces are deployed everywhere, it’s called a dictatorship. When the police are acting like thugs on the streets, they are called tyrants and not public servants.

Where has the democracy gone? Why has the United States of America changed? It comes with great monetary rewards to be an authoritarian state. To be at the top. Citizens scream of patriotism but when the S&P 500 are limit down for the day, Wall street is selling. Americanism is all over TV. The fed does what it wants, when it wants without any oversight or approval from the White House.

The US has come to think of itself as a delegate of God. In fact, it has come to think that he is God himself. Everywhere and anywhere there is a problem, the US intervenes, creating warms, political heists, economical downturns. There are more guns in that people.

The government is the counterfeiter, not the protector anymore. Are they not the only entity that can forge the currency. The US has over 50 allies, no wonder it likes to fight. Wouldn’t you like to fight knowing there are 50 men behind you starring down at one man?

Each war costs 1 Trillion USD: all the destroyers, fighter jets, tanks, guns, oil, food, not to mention all the manpower involved. Wouldn’t it be nice to donate 1 trillion USD to the Cancer Society or to the Aids Foundations or even nanotechnology, instead of causing death, rape, famine, sickness and tears overseas.

I am a pacifist, but I understand why America starts wars. It’s all for the black gold, oil. America knows that it needs oil, it’s the second biggest importer of oil, next to China. America is watching out for it’s future interests. It knows without oil there would be nothing. In fact without oil, everything stops. Agriculture is fully dependent on oil, everything from the tractors that plant the seeds on a mass level, to using fertilizer to grow the food, and finally transporting the harvest via ships, trains and trucks.

But the question remains, should America shed blood for oil? Is it right to destroy one civilization for the benefit of another? Here at intelligent citizen, we don’t think so.

All in all, one civilization never annihilates the other. Meaning that at the end of each war throughout history, at the end a truce is made, a treaty is signed, reason has stepped in. Both civilization remains, so why do we fight?

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead

To your success,
Nikhil Mahadea