Should You Be Interesting?

If you’re interesting, you don’t have to say much to win a friend. But if you’re not, you probably have to say a lot. Put an end to this by being interesting instead. You do this by keeping an interest in life and in people.

Don’t let your senses go dull. Don’t get through the day. Get from the day. Get from the day the knowledge, experiences and the politics. Get all of it! From the positive to the negative. Attend everything. Save up and go. Ask, “Why do people do what they do? Why do things happen today that didn’t before? How come they’re in a dilemma? How come they aren’t in one anymore?” Learn to walk in someone shoes for a while. Try to comprehend the drama of human experience. Try to understand the necessity of laws, of forgiveness, of entrepreneurs.

Fascination makes learning faster. That’s why kids learn so fast. So, be fascinated instead of frustrated. In fact, be fascinated even when you’re frustrated!

To your success,
Nikhil Mahadea