Benefit #5: Books Are Priceless

A book isn’t worth the price you pay for it. A book may cost 20$ but that doesn’t mean it has 20$ of value in it. A good book is worth much more than that. It may be worth 200$, 2000$, or even 20,000$! The price you pay is for the publishing cost, the writer’s time and the designer’s cover. The lessons within? Those are priceless. They’re worth much more than the price you pay. In fact, education is worth more than money.

Look at it this way, if a book compiles 10 years of experience and wisdom, does that mean that reading it gives you 10 years of experience? What if you read two books, does that give you 20 years of experience? What about 10 books? 100 years? 100 books, 1000 years?

In another point of view, if it takes two years to compile 10 years of experience, is it really worth only $20?

Books are love letters or apologies passed between us. They add a layer of conversation beyond our spoken words. They are the source of everlasting friendship and great entertainment.

The end of a good book brings me great sorrow. I’ve just lost a momentary best friend. I feel lost. Not knowing what to do next. So, I scoured the internet for more of his books just so I can find him/her again. Lo and behold, he returns! The first sentence captures me yet again. Though I know, yet again, that the end is imminent.

To your success,
Nikhil Mahadea