Knowledge is potential power. Action is power. Knowing what to do, being excited, having all the right advisers and opportunities isn’t enough. More information doesn’t change our lives. Action changes your life. Taking effective action is where it’s all at.

The key is not just to study, but to do to something from what you’ve studied. Without action, knowledge is meaningless. Morpheus from The Matrix got it right. He said, “There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.”

If you wait to apply your knowledge, it’s not going to work well for you. You will either not accomplish anything except read thousands of books or grow uneasy from the plethora of information you’ve read. Instead, act on what you’ve learned. Remember, you can study flying forever without learning how to fly.

Understanding does not lead to wisdom. Wisdom comes only from experience. The car metaphor will suffice. Understanding is being a passenger in a car. Wisdom comes from driving the car.

Education is essential to our advancement. But, no nation had ever freed itself through education alone. If we are to depend on education alone, we will wait thousands of years for progress. If access to the right information were the answer, we’d all be rich, healthy, happy, and fulfilled.

Action delivers results. Change into what you learn.

To your success,
Nikhil Mahadea