What Makes Up Life?

It’s not our conditions that shape our destiny. It’s our decisions. In other words, it’s not luck —that’s just an excuse. The difference between becoming fabulously rich, happy, and healthy, or broke, depressed, and unhealthy, are the decisions we make throughout life. In other words, transformation is made through decisions. Nothing else makes a difference. Our biggest challenge Read more about What Makes Up Life?[…]

Ted Turner’s 11 Voluntary Initiatives

Ted Turner is a legend. He’s a media mogul and a philanthropist. He’s the founder of the Turner Broadcasting System (TBS) which launched CNN, the first 24-hour cable news channel. He pioneered the superstation concept in television. He has given $1 billion to the UN who created the UN Foundation, of which he’s chairman of. Read more about Ted Turner’s 11 Voluntary Initiatives[…]

What Are The Seasons of Life?

Life and business are like the changing seasons. They’re set. You can’t change them. But you can change yourself. Winter Winter is the times of the blues. Learn to handle the winters —the personal winters, economic winters and the social winters. They won’t last forever. They’ll pass. But, you must hang on. Opportunity follows difficulty. Read more about What Are The Seasons of Life?[…]

Nietzsche’s Chairs Of Virtue

Nietzsche was a 19th-century German philosopher. He became the youngest ever to hold the Chair of Classical Philology at the university of Basel, at the age of 24. His work touched on history, religion, culture and science —amongst other topics. He drew inspiration from Schopenhauer, Wagner and Goethe. And, he was very fond of satire and Read more about Nietzsche’s Chairs Of Virtue[…]