Is Jealousy The Biggest Evil?

Don’t stop listening to your favorite artist just because they’ve got a hit single. Don’t write off your friends because they’re having some success. Don’t be jealous when the people you like succeed. Wanting others to suffer is the same as wanting yourself to suffer. It’s stupid and backward. Instead, celebrate their victory as if Read more about Is Jealousy The Biggest Evil?[…]


Knowledge is potential power. Action is power. Knowing what to do, being excited, having all the right advisers and opportunities isn’t enough. More information doesn’t change our lives. Action changes your life. Taking effective action is where it’s all at. The key is not just to study, but to do to something from what you’ve Read more about Act![…]

Think Success Will Lead To Happiness? Think Again

We have all fallen into the death trap of deferred happiness or as I like to call it, extreme delayed-gratification. Here’s what it sounds like, “If I can just get good grades, I’ll be happy. If I just lose five pounds, I’ll be happy. If I just achieve the next goal, I’ll be happy.” We’ve Read more about Think Success Will Lead To Happiness? Think Again[…]

Is Less Sleep Your Biggest Ally or Worst Nightmare?

If you are an achiever, a peak performer, or someone striving for success who is looking to get more productive by giving up on sleep then, you may be surprised. Lack of sleep may be slowly killing you. Sleep can either be your biggest ally or worst nightmare. Here’s the science. The Bad News “Sleep Read more about Is Less Sleep Your Biggest Ally or Worst Nightmare?[…]