How Printing Money Ignited The French Revolution

A lot of people think that there are no consequences to printing money or that it’s the first time a country is printing money. Or, they even think that if we’re printing that “this time it will be different”, that we’ll be able to control it. Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, this isn’t the Read more about How Printing Money Ignited The French Revolution[…]

How Fran Collingham Does Politics

This is some notable quotes from Fran Collingham, assistant director with responsibility for the communications service at Coventry city council in the U.K, which I thought were notable —especially with the way the U.S. does politics.1 “Councils like mine publish every item of expenditure over £500 on our websites for anyone to examine. We webcast Read more about How Fran Collingham Does Politics[…]

Does Minimum Wage Lead To Communism?

We all think that we should have minimum wage laws, that we should raise it and that the poor can’t live on the current wage level. I’m here to expand your mind. What’s Communism? Communism is the political model where the government controls the entire economy and owns everything. Meaning, private citizens don’t own anything. Read more about Does Minimum Wage Lead To Communism?[…]

Is The Draft A Tool Of Dictators?

The draft is a totalitarian tool. It purports that the government owns you and can dispose of you as it pleases. It’s slavery. Drafts are opposed to the principles of liberty. Nowhere in the Constitution is the federal government given the power to conscript citizens. It has no power to take children from their parents, and Read more about Is The Draft A Tool Of Dictators?[…]

23 Steps The UN & The U.S. Should Take To Respond To Allegations

1. Has genocide or human rights abuses occurred? Are civilians being killed? Are there death marches, roadside executions, murder of the rich, the intellectuals and forced labor? Have spy planes and satellites shown any killing, mass graves, armies, mass movements and destruction? 2. Don’t get caught up with what the alleged perpetrators are calling it. Read more about 23 Steps The UN & The U.S. Should Take To Respond To Allegations[…]

Is Congress More Powerful Than The President?

States Hold Power, Not Washington The Founding Fathers would be astonished to find how politicized and federalized our society has become. For decades, we’ve witnessed the steady accumulation of presidential power. In fact, a lot of policies become a federal issue to be resolved by Washington. However, these policies which are dictated from an imperial Read more about Is Congress More Powerful Than The President?[…]

Should The Constitution Be Rewritten?

The Constitution is now the elephant in the room that everyone pretends doesn’t exist. The judiciary, instead of guarding the Constitution, acts as if we’re in an ongoing constitutional convention, unilaterally amending it at will. If the Constitution can be rewritten and the Founding Fathers’ laws ignored, it ceases to be a constitution. It’s then Read more about Should The Constitution Be Rewritten?[…]

Does Our Government Control Us Using Fear?

“People react to fear, not love,” said Richard Nixon. And, that’s exactly what American politicians do. Our government doesn’t rule with consent but with fear, intimidation, and threats of violence. And, a government run by fear will always fall. Fear of death rouses us like no other. Men feared death via witches so they burned Read more about Does Our Government Control Us Using Fear?[…]

Is It Our Constitution or The Government’s?

Our Constitution was written to restrain government, not the people. However, governments are always tempted to make it seem that the Constitution was written to restrain the people! As author Robert D. Gorgoglione said: Your executives have taken upon themselves to form foreign alliances and make domestic regulations without proper authority. They have violated your Read more about Is It Our Constitution or The Government’s?[…]

The 9 Stages To Socialism

The 9 Stages To Socialism Wealth grows.  Social programs (Healthcare, Gun control, Education) are built. Military spending grows. We go to war. We create fiat currency to fund the war. Inflation. Massive wealth transfer to the rich. Class warfare & religion discrimination grows. People topple the government. To your success, Nikhil Mahadea