Are There Advantages To Error?

We excel at acknowledging other people’s errors but most of us haven’t even mastered the basic skill of acknowledging our errors. Most of us can’t say, “I was wrong.” In fact, all conflicts in the world—from conflicts over the last slice to conflict in the Middle East— arise from our inability to say, “I was Read more about Are There Advantages To Error?[…]

Opinions Are Nothing

It’s characteristic of people who have a veneer of knowledge to give the impression that they know a lot. In fact, a lot of these people go through life assuming that they’re right, most of the time, about almost everything: politics, religion, morality, assessment of others and memories. They unconsciously assume that they’re omniscient. They Read more about Opinions Are Nothing[…]

What Do We Assume When We Disagree With Someone?

1.They’re Ignorant: Since we believe we speak from facts, we conclude that those who disagree with us haven’t been exposed to the right information —that they’re ignorant. And, that if they would expose themselves to the facts it would bring them over to our side. 2.They’re Idiots: After we’ve tried to enlighten them and they Read more about What Do We Assume When We Disagree With Someone?[…]

Is Pseudoscience Right?

Which gets more views, higher ratings and is more fun to believe: real biological cells in Venus’s clouds or extraterrestrials with powers toying with the human species? The latter! But, the real question is: “Which is true?” And, “Why is it true?” Science is the method that answers the first and sometimes the second. Science Read more about Is Pseudoscience Right?[…]

10 Reasons Why Criticism Is Bad

Criticism is dangerous. It puts us on the defensive. It wounds our pride. Hurts our identity. Damages our sense of importance. It demoralizes us. Arouses resentment. Makes us strive to justify ourselves even more. It can even cause great minds to halt and commit suicide. It’s futile. B. F. Skinner proved that an animal rewarded Read more about 10 Reasons Why Criticism Is Bad[…]

24 Reasons UFOs, Abductions and Visits Are Fake

I’m often asked if I believe in UFOs. However, UFOs aren’t a matter of belief! It’s a matter of evidence and following that evidence to a conclusion. A much better question would be “How good is the evidence that UFOs are alien spaceships?” We can’t go off shouting aliens every time we find or see Read more about 24 Reasons UFOs, Abductions and Visits Are Fake[…]

Self-Driving Cars: Good or Bad?

Google’s car has recently made headlines everywhere. With 3.6 million people making a living from driving taxis, ambulances, buses, delivery trucks, tractor-trailers, and other vehicles, the population is scared they will lose their jobs. Others are scared of the safety aspect. I’m here to assert that there’s nothing to be scared of. 5 Benefits of Read more about Self-Driving Cars: Good or Bad?[…]