How Fran Collingham Does Politics

This is some notable quotes from Fran Collingham, assistant director with responsibility for the communications service at Coventry city council in the U.K, which I thought were notable —especially with the way the U.S. does politics.1

  1. “Councils like mine publish every item of expenditure over £500 on our websites for anyone to examine. We webcast council meetings and we Tweet results from planning committee meetings. All our agendas, reports and minutes are available online.”
  2. “Residents with a view about our services can share these views through websites, blogs, the discussion forums on local news websites and (of course) via Twitter.”
  3. “We put out our own magazines. We embrace every kind of news channel there is because we want everyone to know everything. It is public, it is transparent and it is honest.”
  4. “I’ve never met a councillor who hasn’t recognized the importance the local media plays in ensuring local democracy is alive and well in the community.”
  5. “We’ve also experimented with using online, live debate forums as a way of gathering opinions on the future of our city. But we did this with our local media; BBC Coventry and Warwickshire covered the launch of the first online debate and the Coventry Telegraph’s editor took part in it.”
    Fran Collingham has recently stepped down from her position.2

To your success,

Nikhil Mahadea