Is God Still Needed For Consolation & Inspiration?

Religion at one time filled four main roles: explanation, guidance, consolation and inspiration. Explanation has been superseded by science as I’ve talked about here. And, by guidance, I mean the moral instruction on how we should behave. This has been superseded by philosophers and the self-help industry —and science will soon step into this field. But what about consolation and inspiration?

Many people who admit that god doesn’t exist and that he isn’t a teacher of morality, still come back with what they regard as a trump card: the psychological or emotional need for god —as a friend, father, big brother, confessor or a confidant. And claiming that this can only be satisfied by god.

I have no doubt that your acceptance of Christ, Krishna or Yahweh coincided with some very positive changes in your life. In fact, millions of people have had similar experiences. It feels like falling in love or being high on happiness. Even I had this experience once —so I thought.

However, it’s our consciousness that causes these experiences that we deem spiritual or mystical. Thinking that there’s someone out there who’ll save us when we get stuck or who’s watching over us may be emotionally satisfying, it may keep us healthy, happy and motivated, but that doesn’t prove god’s existence.

Motivators such as Tony Robbins and Robin Sharma can motivate us and keep us happy. And, in times of pain, a friend, spouse or parent can console us the same way god does. We no longer need religion to console or inspire us.

To your success,
Nikhil Mahadea