What Makes Up Life?

It’s not our conditions that shape our destiny. It’s our decisions. In other words, it’s not luck —that’s just an excuse.

The difference between becoming fabulously rich, happy, and healthy, or broke, depressed, and unhealthy, are the decisions we make throughout life. In other words, transformation is made through decisions. Nothing else makes a difference.

Our biggest challenge isn’t that we intentionally make bad choices. It’s that we sleepwalk through our choices. We don’t intend to sabotage ourselves. But, by not thinking about our decisions we find ourselves facing unintended consequences. As long as we’re making choices without thinking, as in unconsciously, we won’t consciously choose to change our misbehavior. In short, don’t make a decision without thinking.

On top of this, a decision doesn’t take a year to make. It takes a moment to make a decision. It takes us a year to get to that moment.

Decisions are the father of action. A real decision is measured by the fact that we’ve taken new action. Once we make a decision, don’t say “I’ve decided…” Take massive action towards it! If there’s no action, we haven’t truly decided.

We make three decisions in every moment of our lives. These three decisions determine our destiny and control what we contribute:

  1. Our decisions about what to focus on.
  2. Our decisions about what things mean to us.
  3. Our decisions about what to do to create the results we want.

The problem with the latter is that most of us base our decisions about what to do in the short term instead of the long term. We decide what’s going to create pain or pleasure in the short term. Yet, in order to succeed, we need to be able to break through short-term pain and attain long-term pleasure. We must put aside the small moments of temptation and focus on what’s most important to us in the long term —which are our values and goals.

Decisions are made based on our beliefs, rules about life, values, experiences, current focus, and current emotional state. By changing any one of these five elements we can immediately produce a powerful and measurable change in our life.

In the end, people who succeed reach decisions quickly and change them promptly. Those who fail, reach decisions slowly and change them rarely.

To your success,
Nikhil Mahadea