Are Natural Disasters Because Of God?

Natural disasters don’t happen because god is angry or disappointed in us. Nor do they happen because people aren’t attending church anymore. It’s not sins that cause rivers to turn red or volcanoes to erupt. Natural disasters aren’t violations of the laws of nature but are actually part of the inevitable fluctuations within nature.

In fact, though we see monstrous natural events such as earthquakes and tsunamis as disasters, to the Earth, they’re merely a necessity, a solution to get back to equilibrium. Earthquakes and tsunamis bring the earth back to balance, back to stability. They relieved the tension that the Earth built up. Thus, the Earth doesn’t see disasters as bad or good. But instead, as just is. Let’s look at an example:

A tiger is chasing a gazelle in the Savannah. Out of nowhere, an earthquake roars and creates an obstacle between the tiger (predator) and the gazelle (prey). Most of us will see it in the eyes of the gazelle. As in, it was a miracle, the gazelle survived. But, in the eyes of the tiger, it was a disaster. He didn’t capture a meal which means a smaller probability of survival. See, it’s all perception.

How egoistic of us to believe that earth-shaking events, such as an earthquake or a hurricane, must always have a human connection. Why should a divine being, with creation and eternity on his mind, care for petty human malefactions? But we humans wish to credit good things as miraculous and to charge bad things as evil.

War, disease, and earthquakes all tend to make people religious. In fact, anything that causes alarm turns people to God.

To your success,
Nikhil Mahadea

  • Bruce Mareske

    very well written! Thank you for this article! I agree with you, natural disasters aren’t God (or a higher power) “punishing” us! Natural disasters are just that….natural disasters because, as you stated, they are “fluctuations in nature”. During an emergency or crisis human beings in general always seem to seek comfort in a higher power …. sometimes even making “promises of continued faith” if the higher power grants whatever prayer is being asked but we fall back to our same “human malefactions” until the next “natural disaster” or crisis.

    • Nikhil Mahadea

      Ha! That’s so true 🙂 Good point. We especially promise things when we may die, then we don’t and continue doing bad things 😛

      • Bruce Mareske

        very true! I’m guilty of doing that

        • Nikhil Mahadea

          lol 😀