Should You Pursue New Experiences?

Any limits we have in our lives are the result of limited experiences. If we want to expand our life, we need to expand our experiences. In other words, we need to expose ourselves to as many different experiences as possible.

What Are The Advantages of Pursuing New Experiences?

  1. We build confidence in what we think is possible.
  2. They can change who we are.
  3. It’s the most powerful way to have a great understanding of life.
  4. They help us understand and appreciate people more because we share in their experiences and references.
  5. They give us new choices.
  6. They reinforce positive feelings we want: that we’re confident, that we care, that we’re giving etc.
  7. They have you appreciate life more.

Entire worlds open up with the addition of just one new experience.

What Experiences Can We Add?

It can be anything:

  1. Spending an afternoon at a beach.
  2. Watching a movie.
  3. Listening to a speech.
  4. Overhearing a conversation.
  5. Going to dinner with new friends.
  6. Reading a book.
  7. Scuba diving, skydiving, taking helicopter lessons, going to racing school.
  8. Listening to a live symphony.
  9. Visiting a children’s hospital.
  10. Immersing ourselves in another culture and seeing the world through their eyes.
  11. Traveling.
  12. Learning martial arts.
  13. Doing charity work.

Going back to school to explore the universe in the form of written works.

You never know when it may happen.

Every day, I try to expand and improve my experiences. Discover this adventure that comes with an ever-expanding sense that who you are is more each and every day you’re alive.

Share Your Experiences

You’re not limited to your own personal experiences. New experiences can simply be sitting down with your family and sharing experiences that you’ve all already had, or getting together with some of the grandparents and talking about their experiences and what they have learned.

In Conclusion

Consciously seek out experiences that expand your sense of who you are and what you’re capable of. And, organize your references in empowering ways. Meaning, reminisce on your positive experiences.

To your success,
Nikhil Mahadea

  • Bruce Mareske

    wow this is a fantastic article!! very well written my friend! I agree 100% we have to expand ourselves, broaden our horizons and explore new experiences! thats why I love to travel and see new places! I love the rich history and diversity this world has to offer!!
    I hope this article inspires others to go and explore new things, and find the adventurous person deeply within ourselves!