What Are The Seasons of Life?

Life and business are like the changing seasons. They’re set. You can’t change them. But you can change yourself.


Winter is the times of the blues. Learn to handle the winters —the personal winters, economic winters and the social winters. They won’t last forever. They’ll pass. But, you must hang on.

Opportunity follows difficulty. And, joy follows sadness. Learn from these tough times, these past winters, so you can avoid them in the present and in the future.


Spring is the time for epiphanies and for starting something new. Use spring to your advantage. But hurry, because it doesn’t last forever.

Spring is the opportunity to meet someone. It’s called the window of opportunity. If you miss it, you’ll have to wait until next spring. Take the following for an example: If you fish once a year and you’re 35, then you only have 40 more times to fish. So, make each trip count. Make each spring count. In fact, make each season count.

In Conclusion

What’s spring for? Spring is for starting. Summer? That’s for working. Pick up the urgency of summer! Learn its lessons and do the work of summer. Fall? That’s for reaping and celebrating. And winter? Winter is for learning.

Every garden will be invaded. Don’t think yours won’t. That’s the rhythm of life.

Understand this law of the seasons.

To your success,
Nikhil Mahadea

  • Bruce

    wow I learned a lot from this article and once again i’m truly impressed my friend! I’ve experienced the variety of the seasons and everything you’ve said is absolutely the truth!